About Lena & Light

Hey, I’m Lena and I’m the owner and designer of Lena & Light Jewelry. Just like the sun, I believe in spreading hope and happiness wherever I go. There’s something truly magical about how sunlight can turn even the gloomiest day into moments of joy. That’s why I named my jewelry label Lena & Light – to infuse a little burst of sunshine and joy into the everyday lives of kind people like you.

Quality Materials

I know the struggle of buying a beautiful new necklace only for it to lose its color after the first time wearing it. This is why most of the metal elements I use – and all of those that have direct skin contact – are made from stainless steel. This material is not only durable and hypoallergenic, it also holds its color even if it is gold-plated. The golden plating doesn’t tarnish or fade even after years of wearing it. 

Other materials I use over and over again in my designs are genuine gemstone beads made from howlite, amazonite, jade and labradorite, to name a few. I also mix in glass and acrylic beads often. For my modeled statement earrings, I use polymer clay. Read more on this below. 


Stainless Steel Jewelry Set

The making of my polymer clay earrings

Careful Crafting Process

Making jewelry takes time. I love the zen-like state of mind I enter when I sit down to make a pair of earrings and meticulously open jump rings, thread beads onto wire or roll out clay. 

The process I find myself explaining most often to customers is how I make my polymer clay earrings. You can see most of the steps of the process in this video. A lot of work and love go into the making of my clay jewelry. I love working with clay because it offers endless possibilities for color combinations, patterns, shapes and styles. Coming up with new clay designs is my favorite thing to do!

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is very important to me. I love nature and I want to play my part in ensuring a sustainable future for all living beings. This is why I never use any plastic for my packaging. I use recycled mailboxes, tissue paper, organic cotton thread and dried flowers to package your order with love and care. My branding materials, like thank you cards and business cards, are always printed on recycled paper and my stickers are vegan. 

I love to surprise my customers with a gift-wrapped order. Past reviews reflect how much the pretty and sustainable packaging is appreciated and that’s what keeps me going!

An earring order ready to be shipped

About Lena

Being creative and designing beautiful things is one of my biggest joys in life. I thrive on bringing a smile to people’s faces with my creations and the care I put into delivering them. I started Lena & Light in 2019 as a small business and I run it next to my part-time job as a marketing manager. My vision is to grow Lena & Light into my full-time job someday and I’d love for you to join me on my journey!

A little bit more about me: I live in Hamburg, Germany, with my partner of 12 years. I adore animals, I’m a huge dog lover and I’ve been vegan for the past five years. Whenever I’m not creating new jewelry, I love to read, paint, thrift, spend time in nature and I LIVE for live music. 🙂