A Winter Walk

One of my goals for 2019 is to be outside in nature more often, whether it means going for a short walk to take a break from work or planning longer trips. This Sunday I had a few spare hours so I researched parks or other pretty places in Hamburg that are not too far away and decided to go for a walk in the nature reserve Boberg close to where I live. I put on some warm clothes, packed some snacks, a thermos with some hot tea, and my camera and set off.


I have always loved nature and being outside but during winter I tend to become a hermit and try to escape the cold as much as I can (raise your hand if you’re like me!). But whenever I do bring myself to get outside I find that it gives me a sense of peace and calm that not many other activities bring me.


That day it was particularly cold but with many layers of clothes and hot tea it was bearable and really worth it. Everything was covered in snow and frost and even the sun was peeking through the clouds a few times.


2018 was a very transformative year for me and many cornerstones of my life, if you will, have changed. Not in a bad way, though! Back in November, I realized that I don’t want to get a master’s degree (at least not at this point in my life) but to find a job instead. And now this job is finally becoming a reality! So, when I took this walk I was half excited for what’s to come and half sentimental about what I had to let go of this past year.


The walk in the snow inspired me to write some lines about this time in my life and I decided to share them here.


The snow came
and buried beneath it
what had to be let go.

Dead leaves, old thoughts,
a way of life
that is no longer mine.

When the sun comes back
I will be someone else.


I was also in the mood to play a bit with the watercolors I got for Christmas and used one of the pictures I took in Boberg as inspiration. I’m still a beginner when it comes to watercolor and I was very clueless about how to paint snow but I’m still happy with how it turned out.

img_2447 (2)

Ok, just wanted to share some pictures and thoughts!
Stay warm and inspired this winter! <3

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