July Bullet Journal Spreads

Hey everyone! I’m back today with another month in my bullet journal. Time is moving so fast! Last Friday we came back from our two week vacation and trip around Taiwan and we had the most incredible time. I can’t even describe how much inspiration, peace and new thoughts and experiences these couple weeks have brought me. I’m thinking about writing a travel diary and guide to Taiwan and will start brainstorming ideas tomorrow which I’m very excited about. In other news, I have started a new part time job this week! So far, there has been a lot of familiarization with the different aspects of what I’m going to work on and not so much actual work itself, but I can already tell that I will be very happy there, yay!

At the moment, I’m struggling a lot with balancing all the different things I want and need to do these days and of course with the new job this could get even more difficult. But I also think that having a job again will help me regain a more structured daily routine which I seriously need right now. I have been SO lazy these past few weeks. But today I already felt more inspired again to write a ton of to do lists and get my shit together 😀 My main goals for July, besides enjoying summer, are to get back into reading, to use my bullet journal every day and to focus on the blog. Because of this first goal, I had the idea to create a book theme for my monthly spread this month. I wanted to reflect on all the brilliant books that I’ve read and loved over the years to motivate myself to pick up a book more often and I really enjoyed drawing all these books! The pile that I drew depicts my all time favorites <3


This month, I decided not to include a habit and mood tracker in my spreads. I have just not been consistent with using them this past few months and I feel like I first have to build the habit of looking and writing into my journal every day before I can build the habit to fill out my trackers. So much habit building, ahhh 😀 Instead of the page that I used for my tracker and monthly review, I have included a double page for goal setting and to dos to help me get back into the swing of things. I have already filled out the space in the upper left with all the stuff that I want to focus on this month and wrote down a lot of bigger scale to dos (like doing my taxes and scheduling a lot of doctors appointments, mehhh.)


In comparison to my weekly spreads of the past months, I have experimented with layouts quite a bit this month. The first week features a layout that is not too different from what I usually lean towards. I will have to see how I will get along with the smaller sections for Saturday and Sunday as I normally don’t have less events or things to do on the weekends than during the week (sometimes there’s even more on the weekend).


This next week also has smaller sections for every day than I’m used to but I really like the design and how clean and structured it looks. I used a pale grey brush pen to divide each day into an event and a to do section.


And this is where I decided to branch out a bit and try new things. Below you can see that I have used a monochrome / minimal style for this spread and have given the days wider dimensions to maximize the space. I’m excited to try this one out.


And this last one was just something that I wanted to try without knowing if it would turn out cute or terrible. As of yet, I haven’t been able to decide, haha 😀 What do you think?? I don’t know, I kind of like the happy vibe but I also feel like it doesn’t really fit my aesthetic. Well, I’m gonna see again once it comes to that week and I’m actually using this spread 🙂


This is it for my spreads this month. If this month goes well in terms of planning and working on my personal goals and stuff, I might try an expense tracker next month because I really need to keep an eye on my finances these days. We’ll see 🙂

Whoever and whereever you are right now, I hope you’re thriving. <3

Love, Lena.

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