Bullet Journal: My Fall 2018 Spreads

Hey there you guys! It’s been quiet around here for a solid two and a half months. There are a few reasons- I have been very stressed with work lately (we planned a large public event that finally took place at the end of September) and I’ve been contemplating a lot of questions about myself, my future, this blog and life in general. I’ll tell you more about all that jazz in my next post (beware – it’s gonna be deep!), but today I’m just back here with a good old bullet journal post to get back into the swing of things.

It’s fall, guys! Man, I just love the changing of the seasons. And there’s something about the transition from summer to fall that is just magical to me. Orange leaves make me so happy! Because I’ve never shared my September spreads, I thought “why not make a combined September and October post to enter full fall mode?”. So here are some of my spreads from these two months. There’s been a few layouts I wasn’t super happy with so in this combined post I thought I’d just show you my highlights (like the weekly layout above from October).


I am very pleased with how simple but beautiful the September monthly turned out!
And here’s a very simple and monochrome weekly spread:


A lot of my fall designs actually turned out more spring-ish than planned like this lavender colored flowery design. I don’t really care that much, though 🙂 I think this was the first time I’ve tried a horizontal layout for the weekly overview. Usually I prefer vertical layouts because I feel like it just goes better with my handwriting / notetaking style. But this horizontal design worked pretty well. I used the left half of the slots for events and the right half for to-do’s.


And here’s my overview for October. I tried something different here for the first time as well. I made vertical slots for the days rather than squares to be able to fit the whole thing on one page rather than two because I wanted to include space for my monthly to-do’s, focus and things I’m grateful for. The vertical layout works well for me here, too!


I’m in love with this simple, leafy design that was inspired by some image on Pinterest that I forgot to save (sorry!).


Another horizontal layout because I liked the one in September:


And then I thought, what’s more evocative of fall in Hamburg than gray clouds and rain? So here’s my raincloud design 🙂 (Notice how I accidentally wrote ‘this weekly’ instead of ‘this week’, ha!)


For the week of Halloween, even though we don’t really celebrate it here in Germany, I just had to go with pumpkins! The pumpkin illustration is pretty much copied from this image. I’m so happy with this little spread!


I have just discovered, by the way, that I have just about 20 or 25 pages left in my journal! So I will probably only have space for the monthly and weekly spreads of November and December and nothing else. Which means… that I can start a completely new and fresh journal on January 1st! Ah, it’s so satisfying! Very much looking forward to that.

Although – I might make some changes to my planning system in the new year. But I think I’ll leave that to a separate post. So stay tuned for “How I Plan to Plan in 2019” 😀

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you’re having an amazing fall so far!

xxx Lena

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